Government Financing



Why municipal leasing?

Leasing enables municipalities to enhance their cash flow by spreading the cost of equipment over several fiscal periods. This allows both current and future taxpayers to pay the cost, thus stretching tax dollars. Leasing also provides a hedge against inflation. Equipment purchased at today’s prices can be budgeted in less-valuable future dollars over the term of the lease.

  • Low cost, fixed rate financing
  • Non appropriation clause
  • No hidden fees or costs
  • You control your bid process
  • Flexible lease programs
  • No prepayment penalty


Who qualifies?

Public Schools & Universities; City, State, and Local Government Entities; Municipal Golf Courses and Parks & Rec

Qualifications for tax-exempt municipal leases:

  • A passage of title to lessee
  • A bargain purchase option ($1)
  • A breakout of principal and interest
  • The equipment being financing is for public use
  • Lessee qualifies under section 103 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986